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Audrey going potty! Isn't she hott? <33's for Audrey.

Wallet We found this sticker after the cop chased us.. <3

Shelly and Merch Guys Shelly and our Merch Guy friend things..

Sandy chucks After the show..just a random shot at about 11:30. It was getting cold.

Reflector We found this doohickey walking down Eau Gallie to Kosa's.

James and Friend. James and his friend..Just random people..

Shelly and them again. Haha sorry, we keep forgetting the flash on more than 1/2 of the pictures..

Dave and Shelly Dave and Shelly.

Amanda and AudreyNo flash..again. <3 But it's Audrey and I.

Josh Flass&apos; Husband Josh's Husband..Mine too.

Frank and Shelly Frank and Shelly..Bang bang.

Audrey and Jeff Audrey and Jeff.. <3

Croton Our trail in the woods near Croton it's a nice spot to spend the night and get drunk as Shelly would say..

Fire! Our "Bon-Fire" we tried starting..but the sand kept putting it out. <3

Cone Poor Cone all alone..wow, It rhymes..

Joey and Amanda Joey and I..how gross.

Highschool High School dirty..Hah what a dork.

Bri Bri..the girl who went down on some guy in the Dugout. Ew.

Bri and the boy Bri and that guy..tsk.

Bags No clue of what this was..but I like it <3

Audrey My lover..Haha <3

Bri The whore.

Amanda and Audrey..with flash Haha. So bad. Audrey and I again.


Frank? Frank?

Joey Joey again haha. <3

Mmm yes. So those are our pictures from Saturday night at the Fear Before show. <33 End.
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